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Academic Video Online Guide for The Hill School: Advanced Features

Guide to content in Alexander Street

Personal User Account

Users can elect to create Personal User Account to take advantage of the advanced features of the platform.  Once signed into a personal user account, users may create bookmarks and clips on the video player and create and share customized playlists for all users or for specific groups.  Personal user accounts are for all users;  each librarian, faculty member, and student may elect to create a personal user account to organize and save selected videos. 


Creating Bookmarks

Creating Bookmarks is easy and allows the user to return to the specific point in the video where they left. 

Creating Clips

Creating Clips is easy and allows the user to target specific segments of information for efficient time management and easy sharing. 

Creating Playlists

Create custom playlist to share specific groups of content with personalized notes and instructions. 

Start by selecting content

Save the selected content as a playlist

Edd the playlist, open the visibility, and add your personalized notations and instructions.