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Academic Video Online Guide for The Hill School: History

Guide to content in Alexander Street



History brings together more than 20,000 resources including key documentaries, commercial and governmental newsreels, public affairs and archival footage, and more.  Areas of focus include Trade and Exploration, The American Revolutionary Era, The American Civil War, Imperialism and Colonialism, World War I, The Jazz Age, The Post-World War II Era, The Sixties, Women’s History, Black History, and International Newsreels. Users can search thousands of hours to explore and analyze key events and topics from early encounters to the most recent events in global history.

History, from Alexander Street, gives access to more than 18000 videos and 5000+ hours of video content  to support the study of History.


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History Playlists

Browse American History



American History

Browse American History Videos

Allows users to browse more than 8000 American History video titels.  More than half is contemporaneous video from the 1890s to the 1980s including hundreds of the documentaries most frequently used in history classrooms, from leading video content producers such as PBS, California Newsreel, Bullfrog Films, Documentary Educational Resources, Pennebaker Hegedus Films, The History Channel®, and others. Featuring dramatic reenactments and engaging analysis from prominent scholars and experts, these documentaries bring history alive.  

Browse Historical Figures

Browse Newsreels


Browse Newsreels

American Newsreels in Video is comprised of over 2000 videos of news footage covering the years leading up to and during the Second World War. During this time, newsreels had an unparalleled political and social impact. All feature films worldwide began with a newsreel in the audience's native language and topical coverage was broad. United Newsreel provides more than 35 hours of the American weekly newsreel produced by the U.S. Office of War Information from 1942 to 1946, complete with transcripts, while the Universal Newsreel provides content with full transcripts from Universal Studios’ biweekly series that ran from 1929 to 1946.

Browse Fields of Interest

Browse Women and Social Movements

Women and Social Movement

Browse Women and Social Movement Titles

The Women and Social Movements collection of products constitute a resource for students and scholars of U.S./World history and U.S./World women's history. Organized around the history of women in social movements, these titles seek to advance scholarly debates and understanding at the same time that it makes the insights of women's history accessible to researchers. 

Browse World History

World History

Browse World History In Video Titles

Provides access to more than 1750 critically acclaimed documentaries that allow students and researchers to explore human history from the earliest civilizations to the late twentieth century.  A rich survey of human history from the earliest civilizations to the fall of the Berlin Wall -covering Africa and the Americas, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and Oceania. Its unparalleled geographical and chronological coverage captures longer-term and multiple perspectives, so researchers can make connections across cultures and over time, incorporating people, places, events, and artifacts from around the world and across the centuries.


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